We’ve To Stop Buhari Before He Sends All Politicians To Jail – Ex-Senator, Zwingina

Jonathan-ZwinginaThe Adamawa South Senatorial Candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Silas Zwingina, has claimed that the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari, intends to send all public office holders to jail if he emerges winner of the March 28 election.

Zwingina, therefore, urged his party members to work hard to ensure that Buhari fails in his bid to become president.

Speaking in Yola, the Adamawa state capital yesterday, Mr. Zwingina said “we have to stop Buhari and his plan to build more prisons to jail politicians.

“You know Buhari, he will send us to jail for between 200 to 300 years and it is the lucky ones among us that will get 50 years.

“As you know, there is no way you will hold office in Nigeria and go scot free if the authorities want to get you.

“Buhari is determined to send people to jail and even APC governors are not comfortable with him and that’s why many of them are not following his campaign team”, Mr. Zwingina alleged.

The senatorial candidate said President Goodluck Jonathan is a better choice than Mr. Buhari and needs to be re-elected to continue his transformation agenda.

“Let me tell you, that Jonathan is 1,000 times better than Buhari and that’s why people resolved to vote for our candidate, President Jonathan”, he said.

He also urged the people to vote the PDP governorship candidate, Nuhu Ribadu as well as all other PDP candidates in the state.


  1. If Buhari will jail politicians then I must vote for him cos corrupt politicians is d biggest problem we have as a Nation. And this man just confirmed that he is corrupt if not why the fear?

  2. See dis old man,have u 4gotten dat 4 every action there must be a reaction,judgement day is close nd u are scared.maigida pls face d consequence of ur act.barawo banza.

  3. Look at this old thief, so you admit that you are a thief by saying there’s no way you can hold office without going scot free.may you and your deccendant give acount the problem of this country at judgment throne IJN

  4. It’s unbelievable. This is the very kind of politicians that are running the the nation. PDP, plans to rigged the presidential election on March 28th 2015. Buhari supporters be aware and prepare to stop PDP rigging election from the very card reading machine that you think will do you justice.


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