Woman Shoots Self In The Head While Adjusting Gun In Her Bra



A woman has been confirmed dead after accidentally shooting herself in the head while she was trying to adjust her gun which she kept in her bra. Worldwideweirdnews have more:

The victim was identified as 55-year-old Christina Bond of Michigan, a mother of two children. Carrie Lightfoot, owner of the Well Armed Woman store, said that bras, which have built-in holsters, are growing in popularity.

St. Joseph Public Safety Department Director Mark Clapp said that Bond, “was having trouble adjusting her bra and its holster and she could not get it to fit the way she wanted.”

Clapp also said that Bond was looking down before she accidentally fired the weapon, hitting herself in the face.  After the bullet hit her eye, Bond was taken to a nearby hospital before being airlifted to Bronson Methodist Hospital the next day.  However, she did not survive her injuries.

Bonds spent two years in the U.S. Navy after high school. She was an administrator at a church for 15 years. Bonds left behind two sons, Nicholas Christe and Noah Bond.

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