13 Students Infected With HIV As Teacher ‘Practicalises’ Biology


The decision of a Biology teacher in Adamawa State to practicalise his biology lessons has led to the infection of 13 students with HIV/AIDS. The incident occurred at Tappare-Ganye Community Islamic Centre. Theeagleonline reports:

The teacher, Alhassan Adamu, was said to have started sexually assaulting his victims eight years ago, but it came into the open when one of his victims, scheduled to get married on March 13, started manifesting illness that was later discovered to be HIV/AIDS.

The would-be husband demanded health screening before the wedding. This led to the discovery of the randy teacher’s dirty game. The police spokesman in the state, DSP Othman Abubakar, said that the suspect was helping the State Criminal Investigation Department in its investigation.

Abubakar warned female students to be wary of randy teachers who would lure them on pretext of “mark grading”.


  • thats what most of the so-called teachers/lecturers do. I have one im sharing an apartment with. This yoruba lecturer name;(???????) have sexually uselessed many Alvan most students in Owerri. The worst of it is that he is married while his wife and kids stay in the northern part of Nigeria. Very horrible.

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