5 Smart Ways To Avoid Awkward Tension In Your Marriage After A Big Fight

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Needless to say, fights are not good for any relationship. Many of you might think that a fight will help you dominate your spouse. But, it just leads to tension and an awkward situation, and actually poisons your relationship with your beloved.
Yet, at the same time, relationships can never always be a smooth sail. There will be times when you will have heated arguments with your partner and, then feel bad about it later. So, we bring you a few tips that can help you both to get rid of that awkward tension and stressed-out environment, and get your relationship back into its joyful and romantic mode again.

#1. Cut the big egos

After a fight, the husband and the wife develop infalted egos and none of the partners wants to bow down. However, the best thing to do is, to let go of your big egos. In such a relationship, harbouring grudges is pointless. So, take the initiative to be the first to talk and resolve the issue, and then sit and discuss the matter at hand.

#2. Do not hesitate to say ‘sorry’

In a fight, either one of the partners can be at fault. Once you have thrashed out your issues, and reached a mid-point, you may feel that you are responsible. So, do not hesitate to say sorry. This will only make your relationship stronger and more enjoyable. You both have to share a lifetime together, so resolve your issues quickly.

#3. If possible, let go

After a big fight, do not brood over what caused the fight. Simply let go of the thing that your partner did or said before the fight, and start on a fresh note and try to cheer up. After a while, talk to your partner lovingly about the things you do not like and discuss how they can be rectified.

#4. Do not discuss the topic again

After a fight, if one of the partners is still angry, do not discuss the same topic soon. It will only just add fuel to an already simmering fire. Instead, wait for the other to calm down and when you both are mentally at ease, try and thrash out the issue.

#5. Build emotional intimacy

A lot is said about how physical intimacy helps to bring couples closer. However, apart from the physical aspect, work on the emotional one too. If you are unable to admit your mistake, win your partner over with some gesture of love and affection. Maybe you can get a rose for them or just wake them up with their favourite breakfast to make them feel special.

Fights arise due to disagreements between the partners. Fights might not always be bad for a relationship. They might bring you both closer by making you understand your partner’s point of view and in helping you to settle the issue, but do not make them a ‘constant’ in your relationship. With our easy tips, let that romance come back into your marriage, without much ado!



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