1. Who would ever believe the final report exonorating the NNPC of the fraud allegation on the $20b and infact all other cases of fraud leveled against th corporation. Not after all the manouvering and made up excuses to cover up the annomalies.
    The report of the Pricewaterhouse Cooper forensic audit was based on the evident submitted to the firm and could be devoid of all facts of the matter.
    The forensic auditor conclusion would basically absolve the corporation of any guilt since the actual fact of the matter is hidden behind the shelve.

  2. The Royal Father has been vindicated with the return of the $20bn by the owner of the vault (the bank) where it was kept; the remittance by NNPC that cried foul and stylishly called the former governor a liar
    May God see Nigeria through but let us (Nigerians) support this anti corruption bid wholeheartedly


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