APC Slams Ohaneze For Endorsing Jonathan


The All Progressives Congress (APC) in the South-East, yesterday, slammed the leadership of apex Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo for endorsing President Goodluck Jonathan.

Spokesperson of the zonal APC and chieftain of Ohanaeze, Osita Okechukwu, wondered why the group would endorse Jonathan, when the 2nd Niger Bridge his administration promised to build was not in the budget.

“Jonathan, in 2011, promised to revamp Enugu Coal facility to complement electricity generation. Till today, it remains a campaign promise.

“If he had fulfilled the promises, jobs would have been created and it will have a multiplier effect on the economy of the zone.

“Look at the Enugu Airport, his administration has been mouthing as international. He has not provided the necessary parameters to make it an international airport.

“These parameters include making Enugu a trade free zone. Our people should not be deceived any longer. How many international carriers fly in and out of Enugu? It is because it remains a mantra that the airport is international.

“Look at the 2nd Niger Bridge; if built, it will be the only bridge in the country that is a toll fee bridge, but funds for the construction is not in the budget.

“Our people will pay for the construction. Go to Loko/Owede Bridge linking River, Benue to Nasarawa which is of the same size and length with the 2nd Niger Bridge. It is nearing completion because Jonathan put it in the budget three years ago.

“How can Ohanaeze say they are endorsing a man who does not love the Igbo? Why will Igbo pay for the construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge? Why will they construct the bridge with borrowed funds?

“Look at electricity tariff in south-east. It is the highest nationwide. The manufacturers in the region are threatening to pull out.

“Jonathan had to award the electricity of the zone to Enugu Electric Distribution Company, EEDC, that failed in the biding process. Ohanaeze leadership is self-serving and that’s a pity,” Okechukwu said.

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  • APC are full of hate. When somebody decide to vote Jonathan again for second team, it is now a problem for them.

  • I was wondering why our darling APC had not come out to criticize this move after several slamming of the implementation of the National conference report in the SouthWest, we’ll be expecting to see more of these. GEJ carries the day at last though.


    • spoken well man, they have nothing else to do or say, any article about APC is either taking one shot after another at GEJ, you will never see or hear what they want to offer. but they criticize thats all.

  • Nothing else to say, either jonathan did this, or jonathan did that, give us reasons why you are better, not throwing useless temper tantrum that won’t yield anything.

  • Osita Okechukwu, you’ve mentioned 3 major things started by Jonathan but not yet completed, please mention the ones started by the north for all the years they’ve been in power. Any major establishment in the east was built or done by the time Nigeria is operating regional government, meaning all was done by our own brothers who are the regional leaders then. If you appreciate the little given to you, more will be given, thus says the word of God. You’ve been blinded by the little money entering your pocket from APC purse and forgot where you’re coming from. Even if Jonathan needed to be changed, Buhari will be the last person Igbos will choose. He hated Igbos to the core. He should account for Igbos 300 soldiers he wasted close to the civil war under his watch. He should also come and tell the Igbos what he did to us when he was ptdf chairman. Any Ibo man campaigning for Buhari is a sell out and should be stoned.

  • May ur life continue to fluctuate like nigeria electricity,May ur entire family continue to be corrupt,May your wife,husband,children,cousins and brothers continue to be a victim of Boko harram and kidnappers,May you continue to look for good job and experience poverty and penury in the Next 4 years IF YOU VOTE FOR PDP.so shall it be!GBAM!!

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