APC Will Inherit Empty Treasury, If Elected – Fayemi

Kayode-FayemiThe immediate past governor of Ekiti State, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, has said that if the All Progressive Congress wins the presidential election today, it will inherit a “basket economy”.

Speaking to PREMIUM TIMES in his home town of Isan Ekiti, the ex-governor, however, said the creativity of the APC will see to it that the economy bounces back in no time.

“Our agenda for change is not hidden, we have the 2015 manifesto which is a product of research and travel across the length and breadth of the country. That is how we came about our strong focus on security, economy and corruption”, he said.

“Everywhere we went this was an issue that resonated and the way to address it is to help lift the vulnerable. We will reduce inequality between the rich and the poor, so that the resources no matter how limited can be spread widely among our population”.

He also said his party will not renege on its promises of a social welfare for the most vulnerable Nigerians.

“Whether you talk of our free meal a day in school or social security benefits for the indigent or free health programme, we are strongly people-focused. We are not pretending there are no challenges or the resources are available, we are going to inherit a basket economy.

“If by God’s grace, Nigerians give us the mandate to rule, we will meet empty treasury, a debt-ridden country and it will require a great deal of creativity and innovation on our part to plug all the leakages.

“So put in place incentives that would unleash the creative abilities of our people, so we can generate more jobs and wealth for the populace”, he said.

Fayemi shared his thoughts on some challenges experienced in the course of the ongoing election.

“I have been getting reports from our agents. We have a situation room right here and they have been feeding me with challenges. Anything that has to do with technology you will have some hiccups, but it is not significant enough to dismiss the use of the card reader. I heard some things from Emure, but it is fine now, in some units in Ikole, they say the card readers have not been working but INEC has promised to replace them”.

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