Arik Air Delays Minister Of Aviation’s Flight For Over 3 Hours In Abuja


Arik Air, which in other worlds would have been Nigeria’s flag carrier, has struck again.

The airline, which is notorious for all sorts of delays and cancellations, often without notice, has delayed no less a personality than the Minister of Aviation, Osita Chidoka, who has been stranded at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport, Abuja, for a few hours.

Mr Chidoka, in frustration, took to the micro-blogging platform, Twitter to complain about how his appointments in Lagos had been truncated, with no warning, nor an apology as of the time he started tweeting.



Source: Naira Metrics


  • Let him buy himself a private jet. The money is there and this administration does not give a danm! !!

  • These people take money from Arik so that they do not have to pay back their debts (1bn dollars) so it is good that they suffer like the rest of us. Arik is a national disgrace. Public funds have been looted and yet they are still allowed to fly. See Minister, you had one taste of it… we have to live with it.

    Well done Arik, your untouchable and unaccountable as usual.

    Keep filling your pockets.

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