Before I Cast My Vote, I Bare My Mind By Tersoo Teecube

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BallotBoxVote_0As the Election Day closes in, with two days left, anxiety and conspicuous apprehension about the outcome of the polls seems to pervade the mind of many citizens. The prevalent discussion on the lips of many ardent followers of this keenly contested election remains centred on who will after March 28th eventually emerge victorious?

In the course of engaging some youths randomly in my neighbourhood and sampling opinions about the tensed state of the polity, I listened to various shades of arguments and reasons from youths just like me for supporting “continuity” or “change” as this two slogans have become synonymous with the two major contending gladiators at the polls come Saturday. Our discussions had to be narrowed to reflect the present situation of events and our choices to be made at the polls.

I for certain, have never been the sitting on the fence type” though not a registered party member of any political party in Nigeria, I have been a keen follower of political ideologies and most importantly the key actors in our political landscape. I have been an unapologetic critique of the present administration for certain appalling reasons that are not alien to majority of Nigerians who are so impoverished and mostly unaware of the fact that their dehumanising predicaments is as a result of a dysfunctional system under the watch of an inept and corrupt leader.

As much as I respect the choices and freedom of association of my close associates with any political party or candidate of their liking, I for certain cannot be hypocritical about the distasteful situation of things in my beloved country. As a youth, we are the back bone of the society in almost all spheres we should be the ones spearheading the reawakening of an evidently comatose or dead conscience of an ailing nation. But it is disheartening that some of us have chosen to turn a blind eye to the despicable acts of impunity and flagrant abuse of public trust perpetuated by this corrupt administration. Our cold complicity in supporting such glaring acts by endorsing the continuity of leaders who have taken us for granted is indeed heart wrecking.

In this present generation of ours, many of us are witnesses or victims to some ignoble events that would have by any means never been allowed to happen in any sane society.

As youths in Nigeria, we are faced with the most daunting challenges of survival any youth would ever face across the globe. For many who are in the know about the daily struggles of a Nigerian Youth would admit that “if you can make it in the “jungle” of Nigeria you will certainly surpass your peers in any part of the world! But how many of our youths are indeed making it? How many of our youths can be proud of saying the government has provided an enabling environment that will support them to maximize their potentials to the fullest? So many youths today are roaming the streets of Nigeria unemployed yet we have a government that keeps lying to us about creating over 2 million jobs to me that is an affront to our sensibilities.

I was livid with anger when I asked a youth whom I know very well his pathetic economic situation of always crying for “Change” from his frustrating state of unemployment and abject penury, who he will be voting for at the presidential elections. His indiscreet answer was in the usual manner of a typical Nigerian who chooses to reply questions with a question. After asking me this question “between the devil you know and the angel you don’t know who would you trust? I knew already he was in a delusional state of holding onto empty vows of the transformational charade highly packaged and sold through divisive and malicious advertorials by proponents of Mr. President.

It is quite inexcusable, for a youth who lives under a system that leaves him with no better chance of meeting most set employment criteria’s after obtaining the needed qualifications from our decaying institutions of learning than to falsify his age most especially when he is above 26 years and approaching 30 for a more younger age of 24 or 25years in other to stand a chance in a highly competitive labour market. In the same vein the system that boosts of transforming the educational sector in Nigeria to meet international standards now gives more preference to your counterparts of similar training from a foreign institution more chances to excel than you but we are still in denial of our unfair discrimination and relegation in our fatherland under a supposed affectionate leader.

Sometimes I muse, are we living in a generation that has lost her conscience and humane beliefs? In this our present generation we are all witnesses to how many of our compatriots have been maimed and their homes invaded by terrorists who even went extreme enough to excise some territories from the North east of our country and proclaimed such conquered areas Islamic caliphate under the watch of a sitting president who continued to make insincere vows about engaging the Islamic insurgents ruthlessly to the detriment of many victims but never acted then all of a sudden with a few weeks to the earlier scheduled elections, decided to shift the polls in other to wage a full war to dislodge and rout out the insurgents. The questions we should be asking is why did it take him this long to act? The decisions he has been taking lately like visiting troops on the frontline and victims of the crisis, is it truly borne out of his genuine affection for the people or it is a deliberate political act intended to draw sympathy to his cause and woo the electorates in his favour for re-election?

To me honestly, Nigeria has never had an insensitive, clueless and ruthless leader like Mr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Where is our conscience as a nation? Have we forgotten so soon that it took Mr. President his re-election bid campaign to remember the victims of March 15th 2014, Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment exercise? On that day some fine crop of vibrant Nigerian Youths lost their lives in the most dehumanising manner under the guise of seeking a government job that was readily not available to accommodate the teeming youths that poured out in numbers to be shortlisted. Where’s our human sympathy for the souls lost unjustly that the government and her supervising authorities cannot absolve themselves of crass wickedness and complicity? Who has been held accountable so far?
The government in the course of campaigning remembered the families of the victims and survivors by unashamedly compensating them with jobs and money. Is the life of Nigerians that worthless and can be replaced with such without anybody been charged for culpable manslaughter?

Nigerians today are on the verge of making history as we prepare to cast our votes for our preferred candidates. I for the sake of posterity will never cast my vote for a leader who someday in the annals of our history, will be remembered for bastardizing the rare privilege under providential circumstances leadership was bestowed on him but failed abysmally to uplift the living conditions of the common man and protect the vulnerable members of the society greatly affected by demonic agents of terror.

I have made a vow never to support the aspirations of any politician who brazenly condones corruption and lacks the courage and tenacity to act in the face of daunting challenges confronting the nation. I have made a vow never to allow ethnic, religious or regional sentiments determine who I cast my vote for but qualitative assurance from a well studied people oriented manifesto that will ensure the provision of social justice, equality, security and economic prosperity for all citizens not a select few.

In utmost sincerity, I will never sell my vote or conscience as I am optimistic the truth no matter how long it is suppressed and denied will one day be made known to those who persevere and believe in the divine law of nature that “Darkness and Lies will only dominate for a while but the reign of Light and Truth is eternal”

May God Bless Nigeria, and all true Compatriots!!!

© TersooTeeCube
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