Buhari Vows To Empower Women And Fight Violence Against Them


The presidential Candidate of the All Progressives Congress, (APC), Muhammadu Buhari, yesterday, said that his administration will not tolerate violence against women.

“There will be strong political will to promote Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality through dedicating the required financial, human and technical resources toward this goal and we will make a concerted effort to empower women in rural areas who constitute majority of the Nigerian women. We will enforce legal protection for the rights of the girl-child in all areas of religious, social and economic life, protecting her right to dignity, shelter and choice,” Buhari said in Lagos at an interactive session with women.

“Nigerian women have always played a visible and competent role in nation building. In addition to their various activities which sustained communities in pre-colonial times, they also played key roles in the struggles for independence and the political processes that followed.”

He lamented the high rate of maternal and child mortality in the country, which he said is among the highest in the world. “I am on a mission to restore Nigeria’s fading glory and reposition our great nation on the path to greatness. I am however aware that this will not be possible without addressing the needs and concerns of those who constitute half of the population of this country which are women. As the father of a number of promising young women, I should know what it means to want the very best for my own daughters.”

Buhari also formally accepted responsibility for actions taken when he was head of state. “As military head of state, there are two things I did and I have since accepted them as a leader. It is true that the bulk of everything lands on the table of Mr President, so the things that happened, I accept my responsibility but I cannot undo the past but as a President of the future, I have taken note.”

The APC candidate, however, followed this up with a statement that some people have described as a justification of the actions he just took responsibility for. “The two issues anyone can accuse me of is the shooting of drug pushers and decree number four which affects the Journalists. If you do your research well, you will realize the reason why the Supreme Military Council of that time took those decisions.”

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