Card Reader Dysfunction At Tolerable Level, Says Mu’azu

Adamu Mu'azuNational Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Adamu Mu’azu, has said that the percentage of the technical hitches noticed with card readers during the accreditation is within tolerable level.

This is just as he called on PDP supporters to remain calm and not yield to the temptation to cause havoc.

Mr. Mu’azu, who was accredited at his home Boto, said there is no perfection in technology as only Almighty God can be perfect.

He also rejected calls for the cancellation of the use of Card Readers for the accreditation of voters.

According to him, “I cannot arbitrarily call for the cancellation of the usage of the Card Readers and the Permanent Voter Cards. I know Professor Jega to be a successful and courageous intellectual and so far he has done very well”.

Meanwhile, in a tweet via his verified Twitter handle, Mu’azu said the opposition’s plan to allegedly cause havoc will fail.

“Dear PDP supporters, once again remain calm. Their plan is to raise false alarm so they can use it to cause havoc. They will fail as usual”, he tweeted.


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