Charly Boy – Nigeria Needs A Benevolent Dictator


Controversial entertainer, Charly Boy is famously known for his weird photos and controversial articles.

Charly Boy has posted his thoughts on the kind of leader that Nigeria needs on his Facebook page recently while stating that it’s time for the country to have a firm leader who will be a ‘benevolent dictator’.

He wrote: –

Nigeria needs the kind of leader that people are afraid of, one that commands tremendous respect, charismatic with a lot of enigmatic swagg. We have had enough of biscuit, baba sala, leaders, we need someone who can whip people back to shape, because many tinz spoil.

Someone who can turn around most of the things that have gone wrong, because right now nobody is afraid of anything, impunity is the order of the day.
This country needs a man who is selfless and ready for the ultimate sacrifice, one who smells different, has the guts and is strong enough to shake Nigeria to its roots, by dealing roughly with some motherfuckers who have messed up this country.

Nigeria doesn’t need a man who is indecisive about things and afraid, she needs a man who is tough enough to confront the wolves. Nigeria needs a benevolent dictator. It’s really time for some Ass kicking. How you see the matter?


  1. I think u hav points mr charlse.we really need a sanitizer,som1 who will sanitize dis country and make 9ja a better place for its citizens.

  2. Gud talk yhu,wat some people dose understand is dat,wat Nigeria need now is not matter weda u b Igbo or yuroba or Hausa,christain or Muslim,Nigeria is in trouble dat our president can’t solve,our president can’t help Nigeria situation even if we give him 10 years to solve dis problem he can’t solve it,let us think abt the people dat hv death and if we re-elect him how many people dat wil die again,so dis can happen to everybody dnt say dat u re save from it,so if GEJ gv u money in order to help him out for dis coming Election think wisely,we hv knw d people dat hv die now,we dnt knw who will die if he re-elect again,May God help us.

  3. Let’s put religious,etnicity,plitics,& sentiment aside,Nigeria & Nigerians need a decisive Leader who is ready to step on toes & put many wrong things in proper shape for us to have a new rebirth in our dear Country.We don’t need a lilly liver,subtle,corrupt minded,religious & ethnic jingiosm President.Thks Mr Charles Chukwudifu Oputa(Charly Boy),d son of our late highly revered Justice Chukwudifu Oputa.

  4. I think u make a very good point, @ Charly Boy, but the question is, do we really have such character in the race presently? I therefore feel that this good suggestion of urs can only be possible by 2019 when we’ll be considering who the next leader would be. For now, let’s be considering the best amongst the two outstanding presidential candidates available at hand. It’s true so much has happened that we’ve learnt from them

  5. Oga Charlie boy na your side l dey,it’s time for some ass kicking in Nigeria. lmpunity is everywhere and like you said nobody is afraid of anything in Nigeria,nobody care if afternoon turn to night in the high noon ,it’s time for a benevolent dictator who is a democrat because Nigerians do not fear nobody,there is there for some war ag or nothing its time for some serious war against indiscipline.

    Thank You

    Adetayo Adewale Adebowale

    New York


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