Dencia’s Whitenicious Has Now Been Counterfeited


Aw Dencia is not happy, and she is telling all her good people not to fall for this scam. Dencia says her cream is only available on and any of her authorized resellers listed on the website, and can’t be purchased anywhere else. But surprisingly, there have been marketers for her products online and offline. Dencia who got hold of one today- told her clients not to fall for it, because it is nothing but scam. Better still they sell the fake of her original products, she explained. Continue below to see what she wrote.

Do not purchase our products from anyone except on and our authorized resellers listed on our website. We have noticed a trend across Asia and other parts of the world where fraudulent companies are selling what is obviously a fake version of whitenicious online and offline. This is an example we were alerted about on a website called Do not purchase our products from these websites. Whitencious is registered and trademarked by Dencia globally. We suggest you only purchase our products on or send an email to [email protected] if you have any questions anything else is fake and can be harmful.#FraudAlert #FakeAlert #DontBeAVictim #whitenicious #china #Asia #brandNameFraud #VerifyYourSources.