Everything’s Not Alright With Nigeria – Northern Traditional Rulers

NORTHERN-TRADITIONAL-RULERS-COUNCILAll is not well with Nigeria, the Chairman, Northern Traditional Rulers Council and Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, said yesterday, even as he warned politicians to stop sponsoring campaigns of calumny.

The Sultan, who made this position known during a meeting of the council in Kaduna, said as traditional leaders, truth must be told to political leaders, as they (traditional rulers) know what the people want, being the closest to them.

He said as humans beings, politicians should respect one another and not always see elections as do-or-die affair.

“We must tell the political leaders the truth and we cannot sit down and let things go on and say everything is all right. I am telling you, everything is not all right with this country, it is left for us to help our leaders find the right note to sing and play so that the North will move forward, Nigeria will move forward and become stronger and we must speak about the issues bedevilling our country, we cannot keep quiet, too much corruption, too much impunity, too much killing, what is happening in the North-east is most unfortunate”, he said.

The sultan also tasked traditional rulers and politicians on the need to always put the interest of the nation above their personal interests.

“The people believe much more in us, the traditional rulers than they do political leaders, we must avoid what happened in 2011 in this 2015 elections because, I know, we were wrongly accused of siding with a particular political party, I said ‘WRONG’ in capital letters, but when you do something wrong, 1000 angels shouting that you are right make a difference, that’s very important, please take note.

“We must avoid doing wrong things and I believe we must always do right, we must always look back to our forefathers standing, what they did in their lives and we must replicate same because all of us are from different cultural, traditional and religious backgrounds, but we are all one people, one great untied people, therefore, there is no difference between all of us, let’s work towards uniting ourselves the more because our unity is most important”.


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