Ex Super Falcon Star, Chichi Igbo Strips Down In New Photo, Read What She Said After

Lmao!!! Ex- Super Falcon star Chichi Igbo is a case! Chichi who recently showed off her man stri*pped down (well in our terms, lol) this afternoon on her Instagam page and asked haters who can’t deal with her to get lost. Read what she wrote and you will agree she is a CASE!

PLEASE bear in mind, I’m not here to please anyone!! I’m trying to stay happy and positive for myself and if they rub off on someone else awesome �� I’m human and sometimes I step out of character and I won’t apologize for it.

I most times don’t think certain things are worth wasting energy on But don’t see my “positivity” and think you gon come wrong and I won’t put you in your place. Dead wrong!! Wrong+wrong = WRONG!! With that being said I won’t EVER bite my tongue cos I’m worried about how the next is gonna see or feel about what I have to say.

I’m doing what I want and you should do the same, if you don’t like it unfollow/block vice versa. Thanks and y’all have a blessed day.




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