Former Ivory Coast First Lady Sentenced To 20 Years Imprisonment

Former Ivorian First Lady, Mrs Simone Gbagbo has been sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by an Ivorian court for organizing post election violence after her husband, Laurent Gbagbo lost out in the 2010 Presidential elections in Ivory Coast.

In a unanimous judgement today March 10th, the court said Mrs Gbagbo together with her husband’s supporters, after rejecting the results from the elections that saw her husband’s main rival, Alassane Ouattara declared winner of the election, carried out activities that undermined the state security which left over 3000 people dead.

Laurent Gbagbo’s son from a previous marriage, Michel Gbagbo, was also sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for his role in the post election violence. Lawyers to Mrs Gbagbo say they would be appealing the judgement.


  1. Look who is talking, cast your stone upon her if you are the one free! Wait and see if that will be her case. APC are the one doing the provocative statements here and there, but one word from her, they will say they want to die. I am not against any, they are all my fellow Nigerians. Anyone who wants to be leader should always commend the past leaders that they did their best, tell the people what you will do for them when you are elected, leave the people to decide with their vote who will be their leader, accept it in good faith when you are the one that won at the end, and support who became for the peace and best benefit of all Nigerians. God bless Nigeria, may His will be done in Nigeria! Amen.