Granny Jumps Out Of Plane, Swims With Sharks To Celebrate Her 100th Birthday

Georgina Harwood is marking her 100th year by jumping out of a plane and being plunged in to shark infested waters, Cape Town, South Africa.

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The adrenaline loving great-grandmother celebrated her 100th birthday by jumping out of an airplane from 3,700km in the air. The centenarian wasn’t alone – another 15 family members and friends launched themselves out of a plane in groups of three.




Amazingly, the 100th birthday skydive was actually the third time that Georgina Harwood parachuted from an airplane. But it’s an activity she took up recently, her first in 2007 when she was 92 years old. After successfully landing the tandem jump  Mrs Harwood  said, “It was wonderful, it was exhilarating!



I’m trying to think of the adjectives I can add to, but it is very difficult, there are so many adjectives. But it was definitely a very special, exhilarating experience, even this jump seemed to be a little bit different from the previous ones.”


Georgina Harwood is not done yet celebrating her birthday, she plans to make her centenary even more exciting by doing a shark cage dive which will involve being locked in a cage and plunged in to the ocean to feed the creatures!

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