Group Raises Alarm Over Presidency, PDP Plot To Assassinate Buhari


Buhari Vanguard, a group supporting the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Muhammadu Buhari, has accused the Nigerian Presidency and the ruling Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP, of a sinister plot to assassinate Mr. Buhari.

In a statement on Monday, the Buhari Vanguard said they had become “extremely concerned” over the safety of the APC candidate.

Chairman of the group, Jasper Azuatalam, said “We cannot close our eyes and pretend that we do not see danger. We suspect that the PDP and the Presidency must be up to something sinister and may just be watering the ground for a soft landing when it is finally executed.

“We express fear that some people may be targeting to assassinate Gen Muhammadu Buhari and turn round to claim that it is their prophecy fulfilled.

“We have not forgotten that late last year, Gen Muhammadu Buhari narrowly escaped death when his convoy was attacked by a suicide bomber two days after he accused the Presidency of not doing enough to ensure the security of lives and properties of Nigerians.

“President Jonathan set up an inquiry into the attack, but we have not heard anything about the inquiry till date”.

According to the group, the recent paid advertorials on national newspapers by some prominent PDP members, particularly Ekiti State Governor, Mr. Ayodele Fayose, predicting Mr. Buhari’s death are part of a plot to test the waters before carrying out their motive.

“The spokesperson of the President Jonathan’s 2015 campaign has severely turned into a prophet of doom by prophesying the death and incapacitation of Gen Muhammadu Buhari”, Mr. Azuatalam said.

“They have forged false medical reports claiming that Gen Buhari has a terminal sickness. They have spread rumours of death and incapacitation about Gen Muhammadu Buhari when there is no sign of fever in Buhari”.

The group wondered why questions are being asked about Mr. Buhari’s health after he had contested in three general elections and “remained healthy and strong”.

“One cannot but imagine why the Presidency and the PDP is trying to convince Nigerians that Gen Muhammadu Buhari cannot live up to four years if elected president of Nigeria this year”, said Mr. Azuatalam said.

“The Presidency and PDP have publicly announced that the fate of Umaru Musa Yar’adua will (befall) Gen Buhari. The latest is that they have started predicting those who will take over office from Gen Buhari, if he is elected as President of Nigeria and dies like they have predicted”.

The group, therefore, called on Nigerians and the international community to “keep an eye” on the Presidency and the PDP regarding Mr. Buhari’s safety.

“The PDP and Presidency have almost exhausted all avenues to stop Gen Buhari from contesting the 2015 general elections, now they are scheming to scuttle the whole election in its entirety.

“Who can tell if the only option remaining to stop change in Nigeria will not be to assassinate the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Gen Muhammadu Buhari”.


    • Neo Nigerian
      This article is spot in in making a correct assessment of the open security threat on the person of Buhari. I pray all their machinations would go to naught. “Wa qawdimna illa man aamilu min aamalin fa ja alnaa hu aabaa’an manthuraw”. “Laa Musibana illa man kataballahu lana huwa maolana. wa ala llahi faliyatawakali lmui’mineen”. Neither sleep nor slumber touch the almighty God and I am confident he will render their plans to naught. Having said that, Nigerians please tie your camels AND trust in Allah.

      Anyone who reads my post for about a year now will discern my concern on this very point. We all know that ALL Nigerians are behind the presidency of Buhari – there is so much parallel between Obama, the candidate towards his first election and Buhari today. Obama was threatened and from day 1, he hired his own security and as soon as he became the democratic nominee, he was given the best security in the world – and this time as a candidate – The reality is that there are crazies out there. And that is where the parallel ends, for in the Nigerian situation the threat is coming from the government that should protect Buhari – so we ask the USA, Canada, Australia, EU countries and the UN to make it clear and unambiguous to Jonathan that NOTHING unbecoming should happen to Buhari from PDP’s killing machinery – Boko Haram & all – any attempt on him again, like before will be looked to in international courts. I recall APC requested for international enquiries into what happened before – that has not happened.

      In Nigeria there is $200billion (the estimated amount converted into private hands) worth or reasons why Buhari was going to be assassinated, the same people that launched genocide on Northerners, have been killing emirs and leaders of Northern extraction, would want to stop at nothing to assassinate Buhari. They tried before…without repeating what this patriot has written here.

      I’d only add my earlier comment – recopied from when the (sic) advert by PDP was taken in the newspapers:

      “As for wishing Buhari’s death – well, we should not forget that they literally tried to blow him up last year. Same people blowing up Nigerians everyday and employing Boko Haram as an extreme election rigging machine. Some of us have been saying this, it gives me no personal pleasure to see that PDP is paying for an advert to say this themselves. So APC and all Nigerians should give Buhari the absolute best security money can buy – before election, on winning election, before swearing in and while in office – his air, water, drink, food and person should be accorded the best care & to only trusted people – as these thieves have stollen billions and they’d stop at nothing to get away with it. Their copy-cat imitation of the worldwide terrorism and the marriage-of-convenience that Jonathan is now making with Israel turning Nigeria into a lapdog of Israel is only another plan to see that they find a stronghold somewhere to ensure that they get away with genocide, armed-robbery and stealing of our commonwealth.

      Fellow country men do not be distracted – vote Buhari and vote for him en mass, because that is the only way we can put our stolen common wealth to work for ALL Nigerians and rescue ourselves to the slavery that Jonathan & PDP have designed for 175million of us.””

      We call on USA, Canada, Australia, EU countries and the UN to join hand with this patriotic group and support them with making it unambiguously clear that any attempt to harm Buhari, the leader of the opposition, would be seen as an attempt to perpetuate Boko Haram on Nigerians, continue the genocide in the North and such would be punishable under international law.

  1. You guys are scared the sick old man may die before the election? Now you are looking for who to blame for it? Where is the General please? #bringbackbuhari

  2. APC and Tinubu want to kill Buhari and claim Buhari was asssinated.Bola Tinubu is the most devilish Nigerian politician &because God knows the deviish nature of Buhari,APC,Tinubu&Rochas Okorocha,God will never allow Buhari and APC to rule Nigeria


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