Halima Abubakar – “I Don’t Like To Hide My Flaws”


The Nollywood actress who takes more photos than acting, has shared new photos of herself + a new hobby.

Halima Abubakar has revealed that she will soon be releasing a bio book/look book.

She shared a few pictures on her Instagram and she captioned ‘This are pics I love from my bio book/look book coming soon, with my movies under my production company modehouz. I wont address any more negativity again. This is me.’

Another picture was captioned: – ‘I don’t like to hide my flaws, cos dem plenty…But regardless of how any1 feels, am super confident, happy in my thick skin and at peace. This my tummy, I show u all, so the tummy jokes should stop…am amazing, and if you don’t see that well check ur eyes and stop judging.’



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