Health Revelation: The Dangers Of Mouth Action [18+ Details]


MouthAction is sex that involves the mouth and the joystick, vagina, or anus (butt hole). Some other
words for different kinds of MouthAction are “Mouth Action,” “giving head,” “going down on,” “eating out,” “sucking,” “cunnilingus,” or “rimming.”

How risky is it?

There are a few known cases of people getting HIV from giving MouthAction (licking or sucking).

There are no known cases of someone getting HIV from receiving MouthAction (being licked or sucked).

Experts believe that MouthAction without protection is less risky than other kinds of sex, but all agree that it is possible to get HIV from giving MouthAction to an HIV-infected partner without protection, especially if the HIV-infected partner ejaculates in the mouth. Certain factors, such as the presence of any cuts or sores in the mouth, are thought to increase the riskiness of MouthAction.

Giving MouthAction (Mouth Action) to a man has been proven to carry some risk of getting HIV, although most scientists believe the risk is relatively low.

The risk increases if the person giving the Mouth Action has any cuts or scrapes in his or her mouth, even small ones that can be caused by brushing or flossing right before sex. To have safer MouthAction, avoid getting any Fluid in your mouth, either by stopping MouthAction before expulsion or by using a nonspermicidal condom. You can use an oral barrier such as a dental dam or plastic wrap to make oral-anal sex (rimming) safer.

Giving MouthAction to (going down on) a woman is also relatively low risk. The possibility of infection is higher if there is menstrual blood, if the woman has another STD in addition to HIV, or if the person performing MouthAction has sores or cuts in the mouth. You can use an oral barrier such as a dental dam or plastic wrap to make oral-vaginal sex (cunnilingus) or oral-anal sex (rimming) safer.

The risk of other sexually transmitted diseases…..

There are many diseases besides HIV that can be passed through unprotected MouthAction, including herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, and the viruses that cause warts, intestinal parasites, and other conditions.



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