Heavily Pregnant Lagos Tricycle Rider Speaks On Why She Cant Quit Her Job

A female Lagos tricycle rider (Keke Napep) has explained why she ventured into a trade believed to be strictly for men. What however baffles a lot of people is that, Mrs Olayinka Adeyemo is heavily pregnant and could put to bed any moment but she is still working. According to her, she has no choice than to work because she has a family to cater for. Though she says her husband works, his income can’t meet their needs, hence she ventured into this business. Hear her;

Please madam, how did you get into this keke (tricycle) business?

“My brother, I’m a graduate, but rather than stay idle coupled with the responsibility of taking care of my young family, a friend of mine encouraged me to take-up this business. First, I got this tricycle through a hire-purchase arrangement from this friend, but now it’s mine because I’m done with paying up the cost of the tricycle.”

How does it feel operating in a man’s world?

I don’t feel any different. I’m working and the men are working too. The difference is that I get more considerations from bus-stop touts who milk us of our earnings because I’m a woman, and when they see my protruding tummy, they just let me be.

And your condition?

“I’m only pregnant. I’m not sick. Yes, I’m often tired, but this work is all I have to contribute to my family economy and meet my personal needs”. And your husband? “He‘s been very supportive and my children and family members know this is what I do for a living and they respect me for that”.


Are you making a lot of money?

“I wouldn’t say a lot of money, but it’s better than staying idle, and waiting for my husband to do everything for me.”




  1. I pray God who knows the pains of every hearT to make a new name for Himself an intervene in this situation .let some one be touched by this and help, may God answer your prayers on the day of need as you do so IJN


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