Imposition Of Candidates Will Haunt PDP At The Forthcoming Elections – Clark


South South leader, Chief Edwin Clark, said yesterday that the alleged imposition of candidates who did not win the primary elections of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) as party candidate will haunt the party at the polls.

“A situation whereby a governor of a state would try to nominate everybody to become part of him is not democracy,” Clark said.

“When they do that they are merely protecting their own interests. If you nominate someone to represent you, they will go and nominate somebody else.


“The leadership of the PDP at various levels are doing that for their selfish interests. That is why they don’t allow you to elect your candidate for an election. It is the same people who will deny you access to Mr. President.”

Clark frowned at this yesterday and feared that the apathy it created within the party would haunt the party at the polls at all levels. But he was optimistic President Jonathan would still emerge winner.

He said that things would change for the better for the party once Jonathan is re-elected in the March 28 Presidential election.

Speaking to Vanguard about the deployment of soldiers for the elections, the former federal commissioner for information said that troops would be deployed at polling centres to assist the police to ensure a hitch-free elections, pointing out that what the people wanted was a safe environment to exercise their rights, which could only be achieved with deployments of soldiers.

“Our people want their safety when they go out to vote and the soldiers would be deployed to guarantee that,” Clark said.



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