Jim Iyke Opens Up On His Current Relationship Status With Nadia Buari


Controversial Nollywood actor, Jim Iyke has been surrounded my a mystic sort of aura after Nadia Buari just gave birth to twins.

The classy actor opened up to GLAM Africa magazine on his relationship with Nadia Buari, his career, lifestyle and more.

Read excerpts below: –

On being controversial, Jim quotes John Travolta “that this is the worst time to be a celebrity with the advent of social media.”

“What we do right now with all due respect is really beyond Africa. Its not continental anymore, it has a global appeal. I represent the continent to the world. Controversy is something that finds you, you don’t find it, it is a mysterious propensity.

“I have a knack for speaking my mind, a knack for doing something completely out of the norm. My philosophies are different, I can’t do the conventional, I can’t be conformed, I don’t go with the band wagon, I cannot be affiliated with a group or persons or philosophy or idealism. I never go to do press on my own, the point is it finds me not because I welcome it, but because I exist in an industry where I want to benefit from without allowing the effect of the industry to rub off on me.

“When little is known about a person that is in the public eye, things will be created in order to fit that gap, and a lot of times they are blown out of proportion.

“There are bloggers that know next to nothing about journalism, they are what I like to call the ‘cut and paste journalists’, who pretty much go to your twitter timeline, crop everything on there word for word, then paste it on their blog. Everything is so easy now, and everybody is incredibly lazy, and that is sad.

“So, these are some of the things that give birth to a great deal of controversy when there is none. I mean what I have done that seriously is out of context that no one else has ever tried; we are human beings with all our feelings, our mistakes, short comings and weaknesses. That is what makes us unique in who we are…”

On his relationship with Kenturah

“In the heat of the whole drama between Kentura and I, people asked why I did not say a word. She released a story to the press about how I wrecked her life, I believe it was the emotions of the moment because that is not who she is and that would never define her, a lady whom I spent 6 years of my life with.

She is an incredible person, incredibly beautiful, incredibly gifted, and incredibly generous with her soul, her spirit. You cannot spend 6 years with a Caribbean girl if she is not incredible. In our moments of grief and disappointments, we say things that we do not mean. Would I hold it against her? Maybe I did, but I moved on 5 minutes after, and I do not hold it against her.

But she is always going to be a part of my life; my history will never be complete without her. It completely spells the measure of man that I am. I did not say one word and I still will not say one word in respect of who she is. If she is right I will leave it for people that know us to judge. They are the ones I owe my explanations to. I have often said that I don’t owe anybody any apology as to the steps and decisions I take in my life. I owe hardened fans an explanation and not an apology.

People that are waiting for me to wake up and say stuff have eternity to wait. She is who she is, she said what she did. She may regret it or not, I do not know because I never asked her, all I know is that someone spent 6 years with me and come rain come shine, anytime she calls me I will readily rise to the occasion. My life will never be complete without her and she will always have a special place in my heart.”

On his relationship with Nadia Buari

“You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you nor do you need a fake prophet to spell it out to you. I am the kind of man that drops hints; I do not have to tell the whole story because it makes you lose your mystic, it makes you lose the strength of your advantage over people. But here I am with my BFF, an incredibly intelligent and beautiful person and I think that is what I need in my life”.


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