Kayode Ogundamisi Shares Photo Of Fayose’s Mum, Asks One Interesting Question…


During the PDP Governor’s Forum yesterday, Governor Fayose said something about some people over 70 wearing diapers. Not sure if he said his mum does, but APC member and journalist Kayode Ogundamisi insists he did.


  • True, Fayose confirmed that his mother wears pampers. I agreed with him b/c he may be the person that change his mother’s pampers. But my Father at 86years does not wear pampers and he talks intelligently than Fayose.

  • Fayose’s Mum is a standard for his son waywardness what a pity to have a wayward son. It is only a foolish mum that will call fayose a son, fayose own his mother apology. My dad at 82 got me amazed when he carried a bag of rice 4 my mum

  • Fellow Nigerians, I think we should discuss something more important and relevant to the growth and stability of this country Nigeria than Fayose. Talking about him is share waste of precious time.

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