May D Vows To Be A Good Father To His 2-Year-Old Son


Funny enough, May D is one of my favorite artistes. He lacks lyrical content but makes up for it with his energetic dance moves and high pitched voice.

The singer and dancer, Mr May D just shared a prayer about how he wants to be a great father to his son

Akinmayokun Awodumila aka Mr. May D, took to his Instagram page to show off his 2-year-old son Olamipoju.

The adorable father and son posed for a photo together and he captioned it:

“One night a father overheard his son pray : Dear God , make me the kind of man my daddy is. Later that night , the father prayed. Dear God, make me the kind of man my son wants me to be…”

The ile ijo singer had his son with his long time girlfriend, Adebola Olowoporoku in January 2013.


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