#MomMemory: A Mother’s Love Never Stops

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There is a special day that has been set apart for Mothers by the United Nations and that itself is a commendable thing but in a more rational world, every day should be Mothers’ Day.
Why should that be? Just try just to evoke the memory of a woman in the labor ward, whatever you might have heard of that experience (if you cannot, catch one on YouTube) and that experience alone will make you appreciate and never again joke with your mom, a mother-figure in your life or for that matter, any woman that you know.

Mothers went through pain and drudgery (pampering us in the womb for all of nine months) to make sure that we arrived safe and sound and then to give us the best foundation to thrive and succeed. And that was just the start!

So to all our mums, we say thank you for having seen us through to this point and our apologies for not appreciating you enough.
And from experience, it is clear that a human mother never totally lets go of her child like animals do.

She will be there through primary school, secondary school, the university days, the bachelor and spinster days and even the married days. She will be around to advice on the benefits of Soya oil like Grand Pure Soya Oil. She will be around to bathe that first child and she will still put money in your hands whenever you say you are broke.

She will never let me down and the love she continually shows will make sure that you have empathy towards others because she always has something to give to those that are in need – both her children and otherwise, because she will always show up as long as there is a need.

So no matter your age, be sure of this one thing – you can never outgrow your mother’s love, affection and care. She will always be your Mother so appreciate her today and truly celebrate her.

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Let us all together celebrate our mothers and say thank you!
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