Northern Elders To Support Jonathan, Say Region Ready To Wait Till 2019


Political leaders from the North are ready to support President Goodluck Jonathan, but under one condition; he will support their preferred candidate to become president in 2019.

The elders led by elder statesman, Alhaji Tanko Yakassai, had visited the Presidential Villa, Abuja last week for further talks on a pact to support Jonathan for re-election.

The group was said to have met with Vice President Namadi Sambo. Sources confirmed to Vanguard that the key message conveyed through the Vice President to Jonathan was the need for assurances that power would revert to the North in 2019.

Although Jonathan had agreed to their terms, the elders reportedly came specifically last week to get words from the Villa that the North-west would be backed for the Presidency in 2019.

It was learnt that the northern elders had wanted to secure the assurances so as to be in the best position to define their messages to strategic elders and leaders of the North.

“The deal right now is to see how the North would reciprocate years of South-south backing with support for Jonathan, while the President will in turn back a northern candidate to succeed him in 2019. With that pact sealed, we have a concrete message for the North,” a source who knows about the situation told Vanguard.


  1. Is like dis north leader is senseless,he said Jonathan dose it lie,wat of the subsidy removal dat he promise all wat did he do,d refinery dat he promise all wat he promise he didn’t do it,he is a lier,he didn’t keep his promise dat he made to Nigeria,he has deceived Nigeria,you dat nonsense man dat call urself northern leader,u can gv him ur Vote bcus he has buy u with money u can’t convinced orders,nonsense

  2. Is time we change things in this country. Is time the SouthEast and SouthWest groom the mindset of the young ones. Yes we know entertainment is good and lucrative but shall we sleep while a particular geopolitical zone rule us come every poll?. Shall we continue to see things from one view alone?. Is time we take up the mandate of electing a man by the content of his character and acumen before democracy eludes us. GEJ IS THE BEST EVER!

  3. before the colonial masters left, they handed over the country to a more gullible and intellectually myopic ethnic group, telling them they’d be ruling the nation if they had the military power thus, more northerners in the nigerian army, for the south being ruling is something if we allow slip away would take a hundred years to be gotten back. our people should be wise we casnt allow a particular set to keep on ruling, how is that change in the first place.

  4. The three major tribes are now fighting for power Igbo supporting Jonathan. Yoruba supporting buhari because they know he is just a figure head that is why oga tinubu give him prof osibanjo. Hausas supporting buhari. Sorry for the hausas for making a wrong choice.they better think twice jona/ sambo till 2019.