[OPINION] Goodbye To President Jonathan, Go And Vote Him Out! By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

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Ogundana Michael Rotimi

You tricked us once, shame on you. If we let you trick us again, shame on us. President Jonathan is on a slippery slope and he`s sliding down. He must have started burning sensitive documents even though no column of smoke is yet visible from the villa.

Saturday, 28th March, 2015 election is a genuine opportunity to change the depressing direction in which Nigeria is headed. A direction that is not in any way good for the country, because as long as President Jonathan continues to remain in office, we cannot talk about development, we cannot talk about peace and stability and we cannot talk of sustainability and excellence. In his past 4 years in office, President Goodluck Jonathan has so far demonstrated absolute impotence and Nigeria has declined in nearly every conceivable respect.

Under Jonathan, the economy continued to stumble and the currency lost shape completely until it finally became valueless. The security situation went worse than it was only a few years back.  The Boko Haram crisis was disgracefully managed, and many Nigerians lost their lives to insurgents. However, the Nigerian Military has finally claimed to have made appreciable gains in combating the insurgents, but it came a little too late after so many Nigerians have lost their lives, millions have been displaced and so many valuable properties worth billions of naira have been destroyed. His government did not do enough to reduce the high cost of living. He did not do anything tangible to increase the standard of living of the people. Majority of the citizens still live below two dollars ($2) in a day

Also, the numbers of scams perpetrated under his watch are second to none since independence. Starting from the NNPC Scam, Kerosene Subsidy Scam, Police Pension Fund Scam, Twenty Billion Dollars Scam, Nine Million Dollars Arms deal Scam, Nigerian Immigration Service Job Scam, Stella Oduah’s Aviation Scam, etc.

Additionally, during the leadership of President Jonathan the country was further polarized and divided along ethnic and religious lines.

Furthermore, he lent a hand to half-baked education reforms and permitted unbearable rate of corruption that became more deeply rooted during his tenure. He encourages indiscipline and incompetent people are given more positions of authority while the responsible and competent men were ignored. Under his watch “Promises” became an empty word and the future of the country was forsaken because of his heavy greed and that of a few men around him.

The truth is if we elect him again, we deserve him. The nation needs a confident leadership, not one that is nourished by voters` fears.

Say no to President Jonathan because his personality does not suit us and does not work for this nation. Everybody is sick and tired of him. He lies in every which way, both in Otueke Language and in English Language.

How long must a President prove that he is worthless so that he is not elected again? He has demonstrated that he is not worthy of leadership positions.

The fact that General Buhari does not possess a PhD like Jonathan does not detract him from his wisdom or understanding. If Jonathan should be elected again, our situation will not improve over the next four years. There is nothing historical that we can say he has done. The very few achievements that are credited to him are mere show of complacency. Nigeria and Nigerians deserve better. Giving him another chance would be the mostly deadly mistake of our time. It would be mortgaging our future and that of the unborn generation.

His paths are paved with mistakes. We should hope that responsible voters will do their national duty, which is the right thing to be done and that is to vote him out of office.

Election Day provides an opportunity to settle accounts with President Jonathan. The time has come to offer new hope to Nigeria. The time has come to make provision for the future and build a better nation. The time has come to right our wrongs and make the right decisions. The time has come to vote out cluelessness, incompetence, mediocrity and complacency. It is a time of change!

Goodbye to President Goodluck Ebele Azikwe Jonathan, you tried your best but your best isn`t good enough for us. Your time is up, you may return home peacefully. Go and vote him out!

God Bless Nigeria

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

I tweet @MickeySunny

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  1. How many votes can u cast Mr. Ogundana, if at all u av a PVC? Just one, am sure. Let’s say my younger brother’s vote will cancel urs. Am also sure I’ve not headed any corporate body, not to talk of being a leader. U make plenty noise as if to say dat ur single vote can send “THE PEOPLE’S PRESIDENT” out of office.

  2. Welldone my bro,we are ready to fight for our generation n d future of our children,we are voting him out by Gods grace and our country will be liberated from the most corrupt government I hav ever seen.God bless nigeria

  3. Welldone my bro,we are ready to fight for our generation n d future of our children,we are voting him out by Gods grace and our country will be liberated from the most corrupt government I hav ever seen.No tangible things we can point to as his achievement in good six years,he shifted the election so he cld hav time to share his dollars for his co looters.No evil doer shall go unpunished.God bless nigeria


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