[OPINION] President Jonathan Scents Defeat, Isn’t Democracy Interesting? By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

Regardless of who’s heading the government, when they’ve been doing it for so long and fails to get it right, they must be replaced. The public knows that, and President Jonathan is feeling his replacement coming already. President Goodluck Jonathan seems to have lost touch with the ground rules of democracy and has become a danger to the country. He would be voted out come March 28th 2015, because Nigeria needs to heal.

Out of panic, the President embarked on a last-minute blitz ahead of the upcoming election. He visited several places and consulted with many more people within these 6 weeks of postponement than he earlier did. All in an effort to garner more votes for his re-election bid. He has been to churches and has requested for prayers from pastors. He has visited mosques and has asked for intervention from the “Alfas and Imams”. He has been to the shrine, has consulted with the oracles and has sacrificed to the gods.  He has paid courtesy visits to various “Obas”, requested for the supports of “Emirs” and has persuaded “Igwes”. Even with all that, he is not yet relieved of his panic. The truth is President Jonathan has entered the decisive few days of his re-election campaign bid, but he does not have this election in his pocket still.

It cannot be over emphasized that the people want change and cannot give room for further incompetence and lack of care of his administration.

The wisdom of the people recognizes that it’s intolerable for one man to be in power cluelessly, not knowing what to do, how to do it and who to do it.

The wisdom of the crowd recognizes that it`s inexcusable to have one man in the elm of affairs leading a very wealthy nation and breeding a very wretched people.

The wisdom of the masses recognizes that it`s intolerable to have one man leading the largest and biggest economy in Africa, yet majority of his citizens live on less than two dollars per day.

The wisdom of both young and old recognizes that it`s intolerable to have a President who is afraid of taking responsibilities and blames everybody for his negligence, incompetence and failures.

It no longer makes any difference and sense what his opinions or policies are right now. He already had his fair chance and didn’t capitalize on it. The mere fact of heading the government for four years and yet causes stagnation, corruption, inaction and the triumph of evil over good is enough reason to proceed on voting him out in the upcoming election.

After all, what distinguishes democracy from dictatorship? It is the possibility of change! In democracy it is normal for leaders to be replaced, thereby permitting new ideas, new programs, and new concepts to come to power.

President Jonathan’s panic mood has also taken the form of making many more promises to numerous groups, organizations- both private and public sectors. But we are not stupid, that we would believe his empty promises and his lying speeches that stand in stark contrast to his socioeconomic philosophy.

The President is so nervous and scared of defeat to the point that the Card Reader introduced by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) gives him nightmare that he could not hide is feeling about it.

Now, in the home stretch, everyone scents the fear radiating from President Jonathan, the loss of self-confidence and the visible panic mood he displays in all his actions. President Jonathan scents defeat, he`s nervous, this is the beauty of democracy.

God Bless Nigeria

Ogundana Michael Rotimi

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  1. Ogundana and Gerald, the two of you have expressed your thoughts well enough through your rectums I must add. Panic or no panic, promises or not , Gej is coming back! After all, he is not the first to make promises in this country. Aside that, he has done well in just six years…..as for terrorism, we are winning the war which is not an easy task….but with God the Almighty on our side , we shall conquer. *am just tired of useless sentiments*

  2. @ gerald pls think like human being not like zonbi.Mr Rotimi is saying non sense every politician must woo people to vote him and GEJ is not different.Buhari did the same meeting pastors many other groups.so for me under rain and sun i will vote Gej and woo more thousand for Gej


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