Polls: Ex-Niger Delta Militant Leaders Set Up Monitoring Groups For Jonathan


Ex-Niger Delta militant leaders on Wednesday said that they had set up groups that would monitor elections at polling units across the country.

The former militants explained that the step was necessary to secure victory for President Goodluck Jonathan and prevent any plan to rig him out of the election.

Speaking through a statement in Port Harcourt, Rivers State under the auspices of the Leadership, Peace and Cultural Development Initiative, the repentant militant leaders stated that part of the responsibilities of the monitoring group would be to ensure that voters were not harassed or prevented from casting their votes for candidates of their choice.

Leader of the group, Mr. Reuben Wilson, said they would work towards ensuring that the ballot boxes on Election Day are not tampered with.


Wilson added that the repentant militants decided to be more involved in the electoral process this time around because they were major stakeholders and would not sit back and watch people rob Mr. Jonathan of victory at the poll.

He said the group’s support for the president was constant, warning those who may be planning to foment trouble during and after the polls to steer clear of the exercise.

Wilson also cautioned that his members were ready to confront anybody or group of persons who might be recruiting people to unleash mayhem during the election.

He said, “We have a governor boasting that his party will lead civil disobedience if Mr. President defeats his party in the March 28 presidential election. They are planning to rig. They are planning to use cloned PVCs with the assistance of some INEC officials.

“We have also heard some people saying that we, the Niger Delta Freedom Fighters are no more supporting our brother, Goodluck ahead of the March 28 election. Let them continue to dream.

“But we wish to inform them that we are aware of their rigging plots and that is why we have decided to form ourselves into monitoring groups to frustrate their agenda”.


  1. Monitoring group my ass! Is that how monitoring groups are formed? With known motive for monitoring? Who’s gonna accredit you guys?

    • You this paid Internet rogue impersonating as sani,bankole and mohammed be very careful, tell your oga at the top that all these tactics will not win elections for him.

  2. If it’s done in various regions to lend a helping hand in the polls, no problem, meanwhile these people that are complaining here, what can or what have you done as your quota, what have you contributed you all fold your arms and look while patriotic people act.

  3. If this can help in tackling those thugs who want to rig in favour of buhari then they should carry on with it


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