Real Or Knockoffs? Rukky Sanda Shows Off Collection Of YSL Bags [PHOTOS]


Rukky Sanda is currently in Europe with Ebube Nwagbo and the actress seems to be having a whole lot of fun or so she wants us to think. Any way she took to Instagram to share a photo of Yves Saint Laurent bags that she splurged on, however some of her Instagram fans are blasting her for being vein. She posted the photo with the caption;

When u planned to buy only one, and then u step in d store and temptation kicks in….Then u start fighting d temptations as they call ur name and look so beautiful… Lol! What more can I say? #WeLoveWhatWeLove… #Shopaholic #iWantAholic…#iLikAholic…#YSLaholic…#buyAholic… #LondonIn24hrs…#Guilty!!!


And the fans came for her neck.




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  • You stupid bloggers who won’t let celebrities be….how is it your business if they are real or not? Did they beg you to bring their photos here?

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