Real Or Knockoffs? Rukky Sanda Shows Off Collection Of YSL Bags [PHOTOS]


Rukky Sanda is currently in Europe with Ebube Nwagbo and the actress seems to be having a whole lot of fun or so she wants us to think. Any way she took to Instagram to share a photo of Yves Saint Laurent bags that she splurged on, however some of her Instagram fans are blasting her for being vein. She posted the photo with the caption;

When u planned to buy only one, and then u step in d store and temptation kicks in….Then u start fighting d temptations as they call ur name and look so beautiful… Lol! What more can I say? #WeLoveWhatWeLove… #Shopaholic #iWantAholic…#iLikAholic…#YSLaholic…#buyAholic… #LondonIn24hrs…#Guilty!!!


And the fans came for her neck.





  1. You stupid bloggers who won’t let celebrities be….how is it your business if they are real or not? Did they beg you to bring their photos here?


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