Rita Dominic Looking Stunning In New Keystone Bank Commercial Photos


Veteran Nollywood actress, Rita Dominic is bagging endorsements here and there. She might catch up with Funke Akindele very soon.

The talented fair skinned actress and producer stunned in new commercial photos for Keystone Bank in a new commercial.

Rita really looked flawless.

See more photos below: –



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  2. Our Nigeria banks sometimes act as if they are senseless….Advertising goes beyond just showing a beautiful face on set…You must let the audience know u have d capability to deliver the services u advertize.Every one knows Rita is not ur staff…does it mean Keystome can not get a staff or someone not in the limelight ?

  3. You want me to say sth i am not the owner,customer or anything to the bank you mention i only see a blog contain the name of Rita dominic and other thing and i make a comment over it,if you are working there take the bank as yours and move it well.Key stone bank and other banks should agree and colaborate with AIIB asia infrastructure investment bank for it to become WIIB world infrastructure investment bank,Beijing head to the G 20 in brisbane.
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