Sack Looming In Nigerian Banks – 5 Things To Do Now If You Work In A Bank


As the Nigerian economy continues to suffer due to the fall in the value of Naira, there are rumors of mass retrenchment in many different sectors, but most notably in the banking sector. Our news site recently curated a news; Nigerian Banks to Begin Massive Sacking of Workers. This is a cause of concern for many families whose source of livelihood are attached to bankers. Though this development may be inescapable, its effect can be mitigated.

Nigerian bankers are pretty well trained once they get the job and are exposed to many key business skills that they can utilize in all areas of the economy. Therefore the average banker need not be overwhelmed with the anxiety of a possible sack, rather it should be seen as an opportunity for career transition.

Here are our suggestions on what you should do to prepare yourself if you find yourself on the wrong end of the axle.

1. Prepare your CV

It’s time to dust your credentials and update your CV. Include the most recent experience and outstanding results you’ve recorded on the banking job. Make sure the CV is in line with current day CV writing techniques and when writing your CV, avoid the things that make most CVs end up in the dustbin.

2. Identify your cross over skills

Identify the skills you can easily apply in other areas. Your banking job must have improved your sales and marketing skills, as well as administrative skills. Include them in your CV and find opportunities where those skills are needed. Many companies need highly experienced administrative and sales officers. Your banking job has already made you a candidate of preference for such jobs.

3. Take all career development courses on offer

It’s time to improve your skills. You may need extra certification for a smooth career transition and most importantly to also get updated about recent developments in areas of prospect. By doing this, you will be putting yourself ahead of several others who may also find themselves in your shoes.

4. Treat your customers really well as they will be part of your network

One of the benefits banking job offers is the opportunity it presents for you to meet new people and network. The bank is a place you can really meet business owners and other prospective employers. If you know how to network well, then you can use it to your best advantage in this era of sack.

The social media is also a place you can harness for job networking. Jobs come easily these days through the social media. You may need to find out how you can use the social media to find your next career move.

5. Save some money

Begin to reduce your personal expenses and save more for the rainy day. This would help to withstand the shock of a possible sack as you’ll still have some cash to spend for some couple of weeks before you get another offer. If you have a substantial amount of money saved, you may consider starting your own business.