See Photos Of The Fleet Of Very Expensive Cars Allegedly Owned By FCT Minister, Bala Mohammed’s Son

A lot of people have been asking questions ever since the photos hit the net. More pics below….



  1. Allow these guyz 2 have fun.. Nice collection kip it up. That every bodies wish we all will do same if we have d opportunity

  2. Please Stop Hating, Naturally Nigerians don’t want to see you succeed in life, everyone wants to see your downfall, which is bad, people like spreading rumours around just to try and tarnish people that d Almighty have blessed, instead of hating, why not pray to your Lord so you’ll also succeed in life, naturally Rumours are Formed by haters, Spread by Fools and Accepted by illiterates, in oda 2 judge someone, put yourself in their shoes and see how you overcome it 1st before condemning other’s “Almost all Men can Stand Adversity, but if you want to test a Mans Character, GIVE HIM POWER”


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