Senior Structural Engineer, High Rise Buildings at Randstad

We are currently recruiting an experienced senior structural engineer / senior design structural engineer for multiple high rise building projects.

Our client has recently won several high rise construction projects and require a specialist for this position.

The right candidate must have experience on high rise buildings either mixed use, commercial or residential and be over 20 storeys.

Over 15 years experience on high rise buildings alone

A proven record of innovative and cost effective design for high rise structures – please make sure you have examples written in your CV when applying

Solution provider on iconic structures

Experience working on innovative technology

Must be leading edge specialist within high rise buildings not a generalist structural engineer

As mentioned please highlight high rise buildings and make sure details of the structures including how many floors, values, names, locations, if project was completed on time and in budget and other important technical information

Desired Skills and Experience

This position is live and urgent and we are able to recruit and have some one mobilized in a very short space of time for the right candidate.

If interested then please send me your CV to and make sure the information is highlighted and that the CV has a phone number.


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