Seun Kuti Opens Up On Why He Won’t Vote In The Coming Elections


Their family seems to be really involved with this upcoming presidential elections; considering the fact that their family was at war with the former General Buhari’s government.

Seun Kuti has revealed to Waziobia TV in a recent interview why he won’t vote in the 2015 elections and that Nigeria is yet to have a leader who have the interest of the people at heart.

Seun said: –

“Right from 1960 people in government have never been pro-people. I don’t believe the government we have in view have the interest of the people at heart. Count me out of the election, I will not vote.

“Nigeria is not an African creation. It’s not an African that created Nigeria. It wasn’t our forefathers that came together to create Nigeria. It’s an European who sat down in his house to create this country. This country was not designed to work. Europeans understand that for a country to work, it has to share a common language, common culture and a common identity”

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