Something On His Mind? 5 Surprising Things Men Want From Their Girlfriends

article-20141030012012843288000The greatest mysteries of the world are nothing compared to the mystery that millions of women face every day: What does my man really want?

Why do women obsess over what our men think about? Perhaps it’s because we usually say exactly what we are thinking, unless we are angry. When we’re angry, we get quite. However, when aour men are quiet, we have no idea if they’re angry or not. So, how do we decipher our partners?

If you’re curious about what men really want and like from you in your relationship, check out these five common wants and needs that your man will never tell you about.

#1) They Want Compliments

A man will never ask for a compliment. He will never seek out your approval, and he will rarely ask you how he looks. However, deep down, everyone wants to be told that they look nice, smell nice, or they made a great choice in the hairstyle they chose. This goes for men as well.

According to, “It has to be sincere for it to work. Guys seem to have a radar to catch any insincere compliment you give them.”

Make sure when you tell your man what you love about him, you are being honest. This shouldn’t be difficult to do. Just think of all of the reasons you chose him. Think of how he makes you feel, and consider these things as you tell him exactly why he is so great.

#2) They Want to Be Appreciated

You want to be appreciated. You do so much for your man and your relationship. It is time to give back the appreciation. Show your man how much you appreciate what he does for you in a sincere and genuine way.

He brings you flowers when you’re down. He brings you chocolate when you need chocolate. He runs out to buy 7-up and medicine when you are sick. In the end, your man really does a lot for you.

Show him that you recognize his great feats by giving back to him. Go out and buy him a card. Write him a love note explaining how much you care about him. Tell him all of the things that you’ve seen him do for you and how much that means to you.

This will give him enough to help him feel appreciated in your relationship.

#3) They Want Encouragement

This one works on two different levels. First of all, your man wants to know that you consider him smart and strong enough to complete any task he puts his mind to. Next, he wants to know that you are on his side, and that you will be there to support him if the time comes.

According to, “They think that if you believe in them then surely they can accomplish whatever obstacles they are up against in their life. In return, you will find they are always in your corner.”

Show them how much you support their decisions by being honest with them. If you do not fully support something your man does, tell him what portions of his plan work and which portions might need a little bit of work.

This will show your man that you are listening to his wants and needs, and that you are willing to take risks with him. In the end, he will discover that you are there to support him through thick and thin, which is exactly what you want him to do for you.

#4) They Like to Win

This one can be tough sometimes. I was always one to have to have the last word in any argument. With many of my previous boyfriends, this ended up leading to several heated arguments. I have grown to learn that there are times when my man just needs one for the win column in the relationship, so I have learned to step back from the arguments.

Sometimes, your man actually is right in an argument or even a decision that you have a different opinion about. Let him have his victories every once in a while.

The key here is, if you were right, but you stepped down, never (ever) say “I told you so.” Remember that you are an encouraging and supportive girlfriend. He already knows that you were right. You don’t have to rub it in his face. All you have to do is solve the problem from where you stand. Don’t go back in time to relive the fact that he should have listened to you.

Additionally, acknowledge when he is right and you are wrong. This will show him that you are capable of admitting your own faults, and perhaps inspire him to be accountable for his own.

#5) They Want Their Space

There are times, especially in the beginning of a relationship, where we want to be around our men nonstop. This is perfectly fine for a while, but it is important to let him breathe every once in a while.

Not only will giving him his personal space show him how much you trust him, it will also show him how important his happiness is to you.

I remember when my boyfriend and I started discussing moving in together. One of the major things holding him back was the fact that he really just liked living alone. In order to compromise, I told him we should look for a house with many walls and his own personal space. He agreed, but seemed skeptical. In the end, he has his own office, and he settles there every evening after work for his unwind time.

Giving a man his personal space is the perfect way for you to complete tasks that you need to complete, and give him the opportunity to complete tasks that he needs to complete. Every relationship benefits from a little bit of separation from time to time.

Remember, ladies, just because he isn’t asking you for things, doesn’t mean that he isn’t looking for certain things from you. Don’t forget to give your man compliments from time to time. Appreciate what he does for you, and encourage him when he wants to take risks. Admit when you are wrong in an argument, and don’t forget to give him his personal space. What are some of the things you’ve learned your man was thinking about over the course of a relationship? Share with us in the comments below!



  • I jst met dis guy few months ago on net, any tym we chat on fone he always find sumtin 2 be angry of n get angry easily bt even if he is at fault n he turns anger, I will be d one 2 beg him at last. But I dnt knw maybe am d only one dis guy is dating. Pls how will I knw n wat can I do? Pls reply me

  • I ll advice u to leave him because on the long run he ll break up with you so its pointless. You shouldn’t stop so low in a relationship and call it humility while in the real sense u re just making him see reasons to give u attitude. Pls forget about him. There are over 101 guys out thr who wld appreciate u better.

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