Stella Damasus And Husband Looking Dapper In New Photo


She’s currently under fire from a couple of women in the entertainment industry, but Stella Damasus doesn’t care.

The veteran Nollywood Actress Stella Damasus is currently in L.A. for the training sessions at her “Stella Damasus Art Foundation (SDAF) – Themed invasion Program.

She took out time to share photos of herself and her husband after one of their numerous training sessions.

She seems very happy, hope this one lasts!!!

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  • I so love her before but she is not behaving like a lady. I know of men getting married anyhow and women will stay for over 15years without remarrying.. just to take care of their kids.

  • Last, Did u say? Such marriage can never last. It is simply what goes around comes around. This woman is a demon! How could she? Another actress’s husband. Even if u met Daniel after he separated from Doris, which I believe is not even the story, u shld only encourage reconciliation and not marrying him. Anyway, Actresses, most of them are demons, they know how to break homes like it is their hubby. They don’t care trying to be happy to the detriment of a fellow woman. They shall definitely reap what they sow!

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