We Owe No One Apology For Deciding To Vote Buhari, Emerhor – Urhobo Progressive Union

UPUThe faction of Urhobo Progress Union, UPU, led by Chief Tuesday Onoge, has said that the Urhobo nation owes no one an apology on its resolve to vote for all candidates of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the coming general elections.

Alhaji Mumakai-Unagha, National Publicity Secretary of UPU, stated this at the Ekpan, Uvwie Local Government area, home of Chief Onoge while addressing a crowd of youths from all 24 Urhobo kingdoms, who converged there.

According to Onoge, the Urhobos have not benefitted from the present administration to justify further support for President Goodluck Jonathan, maintaining that the administration has instead humiliated and brought hardship to Urhobo nation.

“President Jonathan is our brother from the South-South, but voting on sentiments in the past has done us no good. Change is sweeping across the country and Urhobo which has suffered mockery and neglect under our so called South-South brother’s administration, cannot be left out of the coming change”, he said.


  • Oga urobo leader if you don”t have sense go and sit down, Jonathan is being victimized and envied by the north for giving you bigger allocation because of oil producing state. And you are there speaking through your anus. vote buhari and i promise you in six months that allocation will be cancelled.

    • G.O.D – State Allocations where not decided by GEJ neither did he do anything to Increase it.

      Can anybody tell me 2 TANGIBLE THINGS Jonathan can be boasted of in South-South and South-East?????

      Even the Niger Bridge assumed to have been awarded has K-Leg. He has planted his company and that of Peter Obi for FUTURE TOLL COLLECTIONS – 25 years!!! But they will fail when the time comes because the people will revolt and the toll will be destroyed. That fake consortium will them be made known to the public.

      Useless leadership and fake Azikiwe Ebelle to deceive Igbos. God will not have mercy on evil inventors.

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