What You Need To Know About Going Natural

Going natural is simple and doesn’t require much at all.

When switching to natural hair, you have two choices: Transitioning or The Big Chop. The option you choose is entirely up to you. There is no wrong or right way to start growing natural hair, it’s all about been comfortable with which ever option you decide. 


1. Transitioning

Transitioning is the process of eliminating chemical treatments and allowing the hair to grow out while gradually trimming the chemically processed ends.

Most people slowly trim their relaxed ends away as they grow out their relaxer; this also helps to keep breakage at bay and it gives your hair a more healthy appearance.

The advantage of going through this method is that you have the time to learn about your hair more.

Do not expect natural hair to behave like relaxed hair. You will have to learn different ways of dealing with your hair to get satisfactory results.

2. The Big Chop


The Big Chop is for those who want to be natural now like asap (as soon as possible. It entails cutting off all of the relaxed hair.

The advantage of the big chop is that you have a fresh start no chemically processed hair and no split ends.



There may be times when you feel your hair is not growing. It can be really frustrating to try and deal with two different textures for those transitioning. You may start to think about returning to relaxed hair because that’s what you’re familiar with and it seems so much easier.

However, if you’re really committed to your natural texture, patience will really be required. Your curly new growth may shrink up, making it appear as if your hair isn’t gaining any length.

Just remember that your hair is growing and it’s growing in healthy and strong. Put your hair in protective styles where you’re not obsessing about hair length every minute of the day. Before you know it, you’ll have a head full of natural curls that won’t rely on chemicals or heat styling to get you ready for the day.

What you decide is entirely up to you. Go with what makes you feel good and what you feel fits your lifestyle. Remember there is no right or wrong way to go natural. As long as you get there it does not matter what route you choose.

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