13-Year-Old Steals $25k From Grandfather, Distributes It To Classmates


Police in Ohio say a middle school student stole up to $25,000 from his grandfather and passed out $100 bills to classmates throughout the week, giving several thousand dollars away. UPI reports:

Investigators say they have recovered up to $7,000, but some of the money had already been spent when officials at Claggett Middle School in Medina, Ohio, discovered what was happening Wednesday.

Sgt. Brett McNabb of the Medina Police Department told The Medina Gazette the 13-year-old student stole the money from his 83-year-old grandfather over spring break, though the details of how exactly that occurred are unclear and it is too early to tell if charges will be filed.

McNabb said the teen did not pass out the full amount but that multiple students — as well as “adults, guardians and associates” of the children — had received and spent portions of the cash. Police say they have recovered some the merchandise that was purchased. “Several adults are under investigation for their role in this incident,” McNabb said.

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