15 Things Every Man Deserves From The Woman He Loves


So ladies, just because they do not ask for it quite openly, it does not really mean that men do not have any expectations from you. In fact, there are some simple things your man would love to see you doing in a relationship. So, let us find out what they are!

#1. To shower compliments on him
Yes, men too love getting compliments! And, nothing makes them happier than hearing those words of praise from their lady love. So ladies, do not forget to appreciate them whenever they do something good. This can simply make their day!

#2. To be dependent on him sometimes
Be it taking his advice on any small thing like choosing a dress, or any big thing like making a career switch, he would totally love to be your advisor for everything related to your life.

#3. To be a good listener
Well, we know you love to talk about everything with him at the end of the day, and he totally loves that. But, at times, lending your ears to him would make him feel even nicer!

#4. To take interest in the stuff he likes to do
Just the way you expect them to notice your new haircut or nail paint, men too want you to be their partner in all their ‘boy stuff’. Be it gaming, sports, politics or anything else, they want their girl to be a part of the activities they love, every once in a while.

#5. To surprise him occasionally

Who says men do not like surprises? They surely do, especially when it is from the woman whom they love the most. So ladies, do not forget to pick a gift of his choice while going back home today. Or else, plan out a romantic date, and see how happy it makes him!

#6. To get ready quickly

Well, it really irritates men when you take quite too long to get ready for any occasion. It kills the charm and excitement when you waste most of the time dating the mirror. So, get ready quick girls. And, when you say you will be ready in ‘five minutes’, just mean the same. That is the least he can expect from you, right?

#7. To control your inquisitiveness
At times, men love to be with just themselves. And, no matter how open your relationship is, asking them again and again if something is wrong, is not really a great idea. So, in such situations, let them have some ‘me only’ time.

#8. To be fine with him hanging out with his ‘bros’
Ladies, don’t you love to spend time with your darling besties? Then, there should be no big deal if men too want to do the same. After all, giving some breathing space to each other in a relationship is never harmful!

#9. To surprise him occasionally by making the first move
After all, why should girls have all the fun? Men too deserve to get passionate surprises sometimes. So ladies, take initiatives and surprise them at times by doing something ‘fun’.

#10. To be his hogging companion
It is understandable that you are on a diet. But, he wants a companion to relish that fried chicken with him. And, he wants you to be that companion. Isn’t that a good enough reason for you to ditch the low-calory diet sometimes?

#11. To stop saying ‘It is fine’, when it is not

Because, when you say so, even he knows you do not mean it. So, say it out loud if you are not liking anything, but do not keep it to yourself. It will not help you to come to a solution.

#12. To not sandwich him in the fights between you and his mother

Believe us, it would one of the best things you would be doing for him!

#13. To let him be guilt-free for forgetting an ‘important’ date

Let us face it girls! Most men are born with the quality of not remembering the special dates or occasions. Then no point making a fuss about it, right? So, let them get off the hook at least for not remembering the days, like ‘the first time you saw each other anniversary’, ‘your first kiss anniversary’, etc.

#14. To stand strong with him in the tough times

Standing by his side might not be that tough during the good times. But, it is equally important to be with him even during the tough days in life. All he wants from you is that trust in your eyes that he is capable of taking care of you pretty well.

#15. To let him know that you feel lucky to be with him

Nothing can give a boost to the self-respect of your man than your gestures telling him that you feel blessed to have him in your life. So, there is no harm in saying that quite often, right?


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