8 Silent Ways Your Husband Is Screaming ‘I Love You’


Husbands get a bad rap for their inability to express themselves, especially when it comes to saying those three simple words: “I love you.” Your husband may tell you he loves you as he’s leaving for work or before he says good night, but sudden, spur-of-the-moment expressions of his most inner romantic feelings are not something a man shares on a regular basis. Believe it or not, sharing delicate emotions just isn’t a common characteristic of the average male.

Wives, don’t let your husbands’ lack of words discourage you. While words are very important, expressions of love aren’t always given aloud. When your hubby’s lips are silent, he screams “I love you” in the things he does for you. Some of his actions are easy to dismiss because they are small and simple, but when you look at them from his perspective, you’ll see the sacrifice he’s really making. Here are eight ways your husband is screaming he loves you — and you might be missing them.

He lets you choose

If you go out to the movies and your husband lets you choose the movie, he is letting you know that what you want is important to him. Similarly, if he lets you choose dinner, the color of your next car, the destination of your next vacation … he is telling you — very loudly — that he loves you and that you matter to him.

He helps out around the house

When my husband comes home after a long day at work and pitches in to help me finish dinner and do the dishes, I know he is saying “I love you.” I have seen him mop the floors, scrub the toilet, organize the pantry, fold my personal laundry and complete a honey-do list a mile long — all in the name of love. If your husband helps around the house, he doesn’t do it out of duty or to show off to his friends. He does it because he knows it will lessen your load.

He asks for your advice

When your husband asks for your advice, not only is he telling you that he loves you but he is also telling you that he trusts you to give him guidance. It is difficult for many men to open up and ask others for help, so if your man has come to you seeking advice, feel honored, trusted and very much loved. He has placed you in a very small circle of people whom he feels he can open up to. In essence, he is saying, “I love you, and I know I can open up to you without fear of judgment.”

He holds your hand

Whether out in public or home alone, when your man holds your hand, he is saying “I love you.” Holding hands is a simple expression of genuine love. It is physical touch without sexual innuendo. It is love in its simplest form. It is the quickest and easiest action your husband can do to express the feelings he has in his heart.

He helps with the shopping

Whether he’s shopping by your side or picking something up on the way home, if your husband is willing to shop til’ he drops, he is saying “I love you.” I used to always ask my husband to stop by the store on the way home, and because he was always willing to do it, I never really thought about the sacrifice he was making. Only recently did I discover that my husband doesn’t really like grocery shopping, that he only does it because he loves me and knows I don’t like grocery shopping either. If your husband is willing to help you do the things you don’t like to do (especially when he’s not so fond of those things himself), he is practically screaming his affection.

He listens to your frustrations

I’m just going to say it. The majority of women have a lot they like to complain about (myself included). If your husband is willing listen to your frustrations — and even offer encouragement — he is really saying “I love you.” A man who is willing to sit and listen, especially when he has heard the same complaint over and over again, should certainly be recognized.

He smiles at you

A smile, like holding hands, is such a simple gesture, but it speaks volumes. A simple, sincere smile has the power to take a woman’s breath away. Remember when you first met your husband — how his smile affected you. Keep that memory close because, each time your hubby smiles at you, he reaffirms every loving word he’s ever said to you. Not only does that sincere smile say “I love you,” it says, “You make me happy.”

He gives you a piece of himself

Whether it’s a compliment, a gift he’s purchased or a loving glance, when your husband takes the time to give you something that has come directly from him, he is saying “I love you.” Even when he gives you a gift that is completely off the mark, the act of giving shows that you are on his mind.

The words may not always be said, but if you listen with your eyes, you’ll find that your husband is screaming “I love you.”