Abia: Gov-elect Ikpeazu Puts Otti On Blast For Heading To Election Tribunal

Okezie Ikpeazu-Alex OttiGovernor-elect of Abia State, Dr. Okezier Ikpeazu, has described the decision of the All Progressives Grand Alliance, APGA, governorship candidate, Dr. Alex Otti, to challenge his victory at the elections petition tribunal as trait of a sore loser.

He, therefore, urged Otti and his party – APGA, to emulate President Goodluck Jonathan and concede defeat.

Meanwhile, the governor-elect has promised to run an open door government where anybody from the state with “positive ideas” would be given opportunity to contribute to the development of the state.

Ikpeazu, who made this known while speaking to journalists at his Umuobiakwa country home in Obingwa Local Government council, also expressed his commitment to work very hard for the unity and development of the state.

He promised to sustain the unity and development of the state, insisting that he would consider every idea that would lead to the development of the state.

“Anybody that has positive ideas that will promote unity and development of Abia State is welcome. My strongest point is that I will provide the platform for every Abian who has progressive ideas to contribute to the administration. Our common ground is to develop Abia”, Ikpeazu noted.

He described his victory at the polls as “the hand work of God” and said that he has dedicated it to the “Almighty God, who fulfilled His word and made our dream come true”.


  • Shame on PDP for not making our votes count and going against the Will of abia people. Everyone knows there is no election in obingwa , i Was there personaly and i saw how PDP thugs were diverting electoral materials in day light. I have full hope u Will be detrone by tribunal very soon.

    • mr david see how u want to distory ur life and futur the both parties nos what they are doing, court or no court, they no the game they are playing but dont alone them to play it on u

      • Open ur eyes miss William. PDP has frustrated lives of innocent poor citizens in abia for past 8 yrs, No education, no road, no scheme, etc. Poor being intimidated from the PDP T. A orji and his son, abians need a change


        • mr David PDP did not rule Abia for 16yrs,our past Governors start with PPA,orji kanu rule abia under PPA,T orji came under the platform of PPA,pls find out when he moved to PDP,Abia problem is not political party,what we need is a leader who is ready to work for his state and his people.

  • I don’t know why ignorant people wouldn’t wanna learn.
    Abia State isn’t about political parties but it’s about clan, my clan, the Ngwa clan who have been left out for long courtesy of the “ohuhus” like the corrupt and bastardized Orjis.

    That Abia state is a decay is because of Aba. Only an Ngwa man will develop Aba.

  • @David Chikills.. I totally disagree with you that it is only an Ngwa man that can develop Aba. I am an Ngwa man and from Obingwa, same LGA with the so-called Gov. elect but I never supported him because he was brought by TA Orji. He is not the best candidate to develop abia, I believe Otti would do better. Abia is not about clan but good governance and it does not matter where it comes from as long as we are all Abians. The turn is for the Ukwa/Ngwa and I dont see or hear the Ukwas making so much noise like us. I am 100% sure that God will return the stolen mandate. There was no election in my LGA and I know if elections were held there, PDP would have scored less than 10K so think Abia first and not Ngwa. Abia is not for Ngwa alone, it’s for ALL

    • Chima na your Papa born you. Thank you so much and God bless you for your great and high sense of OBJECTIVISM. It gives birth to a Righteous judgement.

    • Chima,that u did not vote your brother Dr ikpeazu does not mean others did not vote for him.ukwa people were I come from are not making noise but they spoke through their votes and it was given to dr okezie.party is not d issue but personality that has been tested. Dr ikpeazu is impeccable in his character and he is d lilly in d valley(abia).be informed

  • Even a blind man will tell you that Abia state is the worst state in Nigeri due to bad leadership…..Ikpeazu can never bring the desired change. Just listen to himu would understand what I mean. Otti is the people’s choice!

  • umunnaa nsi adighi ano na afo esi isi,ikpeazu chia Abia state.let’s wait for result,if he wants to bring Aba to a town where people can enjoy doing business good for him,if he wants to abandon it shame to ndi Ngwa blc their son has misused the golden opportunity GOD has given to them to rebuild the commercial city in Abia

  • what I believed and so much sure of..so far ikpeazu was brought out under t.a orji that is a total doomed for all abians,to me is not ikpeazu that is our governor is still t.a orji that is leading us.I belive god must interven for all abian who blive in true democrat.in no distance time the stolen mandate must return to Alex Otti the people choice ..my fellow abians we need to pray hard for real change in abia..Chima ananaba I like ur statement u are true abian .thinkabiafirst

    • Everybody knows T.A oji was a prisoner during oji uzor’s leadership due to his chriminalism the same acts he posesses in his rulership both buying ship,building hotels in dubai ,making investment overthere as if Abia lancrashing tomorrow is to show the nation is aplicable with ikpeazu but all that came through window and prison just to steal the hope of abians instead of change will still go back to hell and generations courses upon their heads.

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