Ahead Of May 29, Fayose Says Nigerians Should Expect Chaos

Embattled Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose has hinted members of the public over a plot by the All Progressives Congress to cause chaos in his state as from May 29, 2015. 


In a statement signed by the governor and made available to The Nation, Fayose said he has put the United Nations, African Union and the international community on notice “on the imminent reign of impunity from that day.”

Acording to him, APC has vowed  to make the state ungovernable for him, maintaining that “Nigeria and the world at large should know who to hold responsible in the event of anarchy in the state in particular and Yoruba land in general.”

Fayose is currently  in a running battle of with the APC members of the Ekiti State House of Assembly who are hell-bent on impeaching the governor and his deputy, Kolapo Olusola.

The APC lawmakers  numbering 19, and are in majority in the House, accused Fayose of eight impeachable offences including “unconstitutional change of leadership of the Assembly, passing of Appropriation Bill and  screening and ratifying commissioner nominees with seven Peoples democratic Party (PDP) lawmakers”.

Fayose, said he is the “prime demolition target of the APC national leadership”for his unrelenting support for President Goodluck Jonathan, noting that he has no regret for his support for Jonathan’s failed ambition.

He vowed never to leave the PDP for any other party and boasted that he will remain as the “last man standing.”

Fayose said: “It has become imperative once again to address the media on the constitutional and political crises being foisted on our dear state, Ekiti by irritants of unbridled ambitions, who are not only devoid of spirit of sportsmanship but implacable even when all odds are against them and roundly rejected by the good people of the state.

“It is no longer news that I defeated an incumbent governor in all the 16 local government areas in the state and that for the first time in the history of Nigeria, attempts were made to use the courts to prevent someone who clearly won a governorship election from assuming office.”

Meanwhile, the Elders’ Forum of the APC in the state has declared that there is no escape route for Fayose in the impeachment process initiated by their party members in the state House of Assembly.


  1. Why can’t APC let Gov. Fayose be, and respect the collective will of majority of Ekiti people? Why are they bent on causing chaos in Ekiti state? They should emulate the spirit of sportsmanship displayed by the outgoing president Goodluck Jonathan, who conceded defeat even in the face of glaring irregularities and malpractices, especially in the northern part of the country that characterized the March 28 presidential election, just for the unity and peace of Nigeria. I fear that this APC political party wants to turn Nigeria into a one-party nation with there recent intolerant actions.

    • I think we should ask Fayose how 7 is greater than 19. and if he as the power to stop salary and allowance of the 19 lawmakers and if 7 out of 26 can approve commissioners appointment. even JED would disagree with that.

      those are the questions been asked fayose and if all these are ok according to constitution the then fayose will be free.

  2. U are my brother and among obasanjo, tinubu and d rest u are d best. U pass them and they are nothing but noise makers. Exactly what they will show Nigerian’s when they take power, power they rigged and those that rigged our votes shall never have peace.

  3. Well, what ever ayodele fayose sow is going to reap it. Hw can u said dat 7 is greater dan 19. U stop there salaries &other entitlements, molested them. After dat he said dey should come for peace. Medicine after death, can he takes dat bullshit &rubbish he do 2 them. Yoruba proverbs says “ko si bi ase se efoo ebolo ti ko de run igbe” fayose changes ur altitudes. Bye

  4. Among obasanjo, tinubu and d rest u are d best so we are wit u. U pass them and they are nothing but noise makers. Exactly what they will show Nigerian’s when they take power, power they rigged and those that rigged our votes shall never have peace.

  5. If he has used his power negatively,,4getin dat someday d table may turn,,I wonder y e should b expecting a friendly approach frm dose e had hurt b4 nw..e dserve all e gets and more…some say e is strong 4 fighting,,I’l say e is a coward 4 nt accepting e did wrng…