Abacha’s CSO Al-Mustapha Denies Arrest

Hamza Al-Mustapha

Major Hamza Al Mustapha, former Chief Security Officer to the late Head of State, Sani Abacha, is safe with his family and was neither arrested nor involved in any $10 billion bribe as claimed by an online news platform.

In a statement on behalf of the Al Mustapha family, Mallam Abdul-Azeez Suleiman said on Saturday refuted the allegations on behalf of the Al Mustapha family, said he “has been in personal contact with Al Mustapha all the while the allegations were being circulated.

“On Saturday when the rumours of his arrest were rife, I was in personal contact with Al Mustapha who was on a condolence visit at Asokoro, Abuja contrary to the lies that he was arrested in Ghana or South Africa,” Suleiman said.

According to him, earlier allegations that Al Mustapha had collected and later refunded the sum of $10 billion are also untrue.

“We call on commentators and the news media practitioners to observe the ethics of reportage by respecting the fundamental right of persons to personal liberty,” Suleiman said.


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