Ali Baba And Wife, Mark 9th Wedding Anniversary


Veteran Nigerian comedian, Ali Baba celebrated his 9th wedding anniversary to his wife, Mary.

The couple first met in a bank when he went to open an account, she happened to be the account officer in charge.

They had a baby together and things went south; they however got re-united, got married in 2006, and have been enjoying life as a blended family ever since.

The comedian shared this below message to his wife on his Instagram page: –

“Happy Wedding Anniversary to us… It’s been a story of both ends… Sadness and joy, rich and poor, yes and no, here and there, fight and play, this and that, laugh and cry, hope and despair, high and low, yours and mine, plenty and scarce, friends and foes, we and them, good and bad… But here and now… We are still here forever and ever.”


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