Alleged Missing $20bn: Buhari’s Probe Must Be All-round, Not Selective – Asari Dokubo’s Wife

Mujaheed-Dokubo-AsariHajia Mujahidat Daba Dokubo-Asari, wife of ex-Niger Delta militant, Mujahid Dokubo-Asari, has declared that no one can arrest her husband.

According to her, the ex-Niger Delta warlord never held any political office and will never be held accountable for anything under the outgoing administration of President Goodluck Jonathan.

Mrs. Dokubo was reacting to speculations that some Nigerians, especially those who served under the present administration, which winds down on May 29, maybe arrested and jailed over allegations of corruption once Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) takes over.

Voicing her anger via a post on Facebook Tuesday, she said: “Buhari must start his victimisation of his perceived enemies called probing of missing funds from his own cabinet first and the said probe must take effect from 1978 when Buhari was the petroleum minister anything short of that is unacceptable to the Nigerian populace.

“The probing must be all round not selective”, she added.

Continuing, Mrs. Dokubo said “For those myopic Almajiri fools who blab that Asari will be prosecuted , I’m sorry to disappoint you , Asari has never held any political post so think of something else if your Buhari arrest Asari today, another one thousand Asari will spring up instantly unless he wants to commit genocide in the Niger delta. which you know is not possible in a democratic dispensation”.


  1. Only the guilty are afraid. Such a wonderful advice should be done with well chosen words not that of insults and name calling “fools…Almajiris”. All of us are guilty of doing waht is wrong in the past or presently doing it.
    I think what the law is saying about corruption is “if you aided, facilitate and conspired in stealing public money you are guilty. Let us begin to talk about how we are to salvage our great country not about “my own or my people”. I am suprise that both Christians and Muslims who are to promote good morale, accountability, transparency, dignity and respect to elders and the law are seen carpeting what ordinarily we should call wrong worse joining the band wagon

  2. Ma candid advice 2 asari,pls do caution ur wife nd urself.I will advice u go nd read d story of Samson in d bible very well 4 d sake of ur children so as 2 enable u nt 2 be a victim of a bad,wicked nd self centered woman.give respect nd honour 2 Who deserve it.use mama p as example.I wish u well

  3. I don’t know what this man and his wife think they. I observed since i was a kid that when God blessed some Nigeria they call God evil and behave like lunatic.
    Like husband like wife what a pity? Both husband and wife are more than terrorists. They are enemies of the masses. The wife is like Delila in the Bible. May God safe them from themselves. Amen.

  4. Your husbabd doesn’t have to be a politician for the government to put him under a searchlight. They can ask your husband about his documented oil theft in the Niger delta, and income tax that is supposed to be paid on the proceeds resulted. As it is, if your husband did not pay tax as it occur, he may be charged for money laundry.
    Asari, will have to account and pay tax on his wealth. These are areas the government can have conversation with your husband.

  5. dis is y it’s very difficult 2 allow a woman 2 rule in nigeria- what gut & audacity do u possessed 2 say no one can arrest ur husband & who r u to oblongor-wit ur utterrances, it shows dt ur hubby is involved already. action speaks louder than voice. remain silence 4ever. u even proud 2 showed up as a militant’ wife. u’re bin rude & it shows u always disrespect ur hubby @ home. nobody seeks ur consent in dis issue. ur words irritates a lot