Basketmouth Narrates How He Met And Fell In Love With His Wife

On Ali Baba’s wedding anniversary which happened to be yesterday, the veteran comedy revealed how he met his wife.
Well, another famous Nigerian comedian has told his own story.
Basketmouth has opened up on how he met and fell in love with his wife.
Read exert of his Interview with City Magazine: –

Are you romantic?

I think I am, if not my wife won’t have fallen for me, I try.

How did she actually fall?

I was very persistent and I fought hard.

How did you two meet?

I was promoting a show back then I think in 2003 or 4 and I was right in front of her hostel in Unilag. She walked past and she was like hey Basketmouth, then my fame had just started growing. And she hailed me and walked past. Then I turned and saw her, she was beautiful, and she is still beautiful. For the first time in my life , I walked after a woman. I asked her for her name and number.