Businessman Promises $1 Million To The First Person To Reach 123-Year-Old


Moldovan businessman and multi-millionaire, Dmitry Kaminskiy is passionate about longevity – so much so that he’s offering a prize of $1 million to the first person to reach the age of 123 years. OddityCentral reports:

Kaminskiy himself dreams of living forever and hopes that his generous gift will trigger a new generation of ‘supercentenarians’ (people over 110 years of age). “We live in the most exciting era of human development when technologies become exponential and transformative,” said Kaminskiy, a senior partner of Hong Kong-based firm Deep Knowledge Ventures. “They may not realise it, but some of the supercentenarians alive today may see the dawn of the next century if they live long enough for these transformative technologies to develop.”

“I hope that my prize will help some of them desire longer lifespans and make their approaches to living longer a little more competitive,” he added.



  1. My great grandmother is above 123 years of age, she was born late 18s and most of her own children are old and dead while she is Still alive, we always see her as the woman with grace. She has never taken any tablet or injection all her life, she refuse to travel with us several because she is afraid of vehicle or flight, her last traveling was to Ghana by foot.